About Us

Sculpture at Bathers began in 2013 to tell the story of West Australian sculpture as a distinctively special practice.

After three successful ‘free to the public’ exhibitions in 2013, 2015 and 2017 Sculpture at Bathers returns in 2020 to enliven Perth’s cultural landscape.

We are a small organisation with a big heart led by a dedicated group of artists, volunteers and philanthropists.

A wide net is cast to ensure a dynamic mix of artists, from those with a strong established reputation to fresh, emerging talent. Artists are invited to submit a work representing their best current practice. The result is the largest dedicated survey of West Australian contemporary sculpture.

Our location and its intimacy are unparalleled, allowing us to tap into the unique, historic atmosphere of Fremantle’s West End.

We want more people to live with great West Australian art! And we want our audience to have an unforgettable cultural experience…

Wheelchair Access

Kidogo Arthouse, the Kelp Bar and the Bathers Beach boardwalk are all wheelchair accessible, and give good views of the works on the beach.

One beach wheelchair is available for free hire from the Shipwrecks Museum on Cliff St. To book, call 9431 8469 or email reception@museum.wa.gov.au.


Many thanks to HQ Photography, Brodie Ellis, Naoto Hara, Roel Loopers and Chris Gosfield for the beautiful images on this site.

Sales Enquiries

All enquiries to Angela McHarrie 0400122676