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Alessandra’s work has often explored the relationship between what is visible and what is invisible, what is superficial, on the surface and what is inside, deeper, hidden. She successfully conjures an ambiguous environment, one where presence is virtual, where people exist in the memory of place.

Her work lies between narrative and abstraction, responding to her instinct, her discernment with space and time, as an expression of her moods and thoughts.

In her installations she has often used earth, grass, water and other natural materials to surprise and challenge preconceived ideas of inside and outside, prompting us to think about our perceptions when we’re on different soils.

Her most recent works incorporate 3D printing and material such as coloured cast acrylic exploring lights, shapes and cast shadows to express links between nature and technology.

From the outside in terms of relationship and feeling, sculpture has become another means of expressing the work that she continues to explore in her paintings, playing with the imagination, looking for what is beneath, inside, hidden

Alessandra was born in Friuli in northern Italy in 1968, but spent most of her formative years in Venice, in the company of a vibrant international artistic community. Alessandra graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in the USA in 1991 with a BA in Fine Arts. During her time in America, she also worked with established artists such as Leon Golub, Nancy Spero and Rodney Allen Greenblatt under the Arts Education programme at AICA in New York.

She returned to Venice in 1992 and began her career as an artist in the city’s abandoned palazzos, doing site specific installations drawing on the textures of the multi-layered Venetian architecture. She moved on to painting in studio, and set up a collective called Aqualta with English, German, French, Spanish and other Italian artists.

Her debut in Australia was at Gadfly Gallery, which showed a selection of monoprints. Alessandra was invited to move to Perth to work on paintings and sculpture for the 1998 Festival of Perth, including an extended residency at Claremont School of Art.

Since then she has held many solo and group exhibitions at Greenhill Galleries, Gallows Gallery, PICA, Art Gallery of Western Australia , Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Sculpture at Bathers  and Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe and Bondi.

In 2011 she was the recipient for the Helen Lempriere Scholarship for sculpture which facilitated a residency and an exhibition at the SVA of New York in 2012.


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Rossi, Alessandra - Featured Work Untitled Girl (Coral, I am always connected) Edn. 1 of 3
  • Year: 2019
  • Materials: Acrylic UV resin, paint, steel
  • Size: 168 x 30 x 40 cm
  • Price: $15,000

    These works continue my exploration of the process of coral bleaching and discolouration and the parallels this draws with our society’s attachment to technology and social media. More than ever our disengagement, distance and disconnection with nature and with our own emotions is growing.  It is about connection and disconnection. The more we stay connected the wider the gap with our identity becomes, yet nature has a way of re-conquering and repossessing lost abandoned places and reinventing itself In the figures. The top part of the head, where the brain resides, is bleaching, separated from the rest of the body and the other organs as if a mutation is taking place.

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