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Bjoern Rainer-Adamson is a German-born, West Australian artist.  He studied fine art, sculpting, wood carving, woodturning, cabinet making and drawing in Germany.

In his work, he explores how we as humans deal with our circumstances, the changes in our cultural identity and our relationships between each other arriving in a brave new world of virtual reality.

His passion for a simple life connected to nature gives him a perspective to act as a storyteller of narratives of a world subjected to machines and digital technology.

To tell his stories he doesn’t exclude any formal limitations and he likes to push the boundaries of technical feasibility, therefore his commitment to learning whatever it takes to finalise his projects, is an essential aspect of his practice.

He combines found machine objects/parts and recycled materials with mechanics and electronic elements to build kinetic sculptures.

In his process, he usually dismantles the objects (if not literally, then metaphorically) into single components to destroy the original purpose and then recreates them into new objects with surprising qualities.  Often he transforms items from their conventional mass-produced usage into a new individual existence, to reflect questions from various angles and to challenge the experience, appearance and understanding of the technical evolution and the human existence within it. His technological interventions can be very subtle or overt and also be of confusing, chaotic complexity.

The ‘functionality’ of his ‘machines’ is of particular interest even in their failures.

His frequently interactive works always seek to connect with the audience on a combination of intellectual, emotional or physical levels.

Bjoern is a 2019 finalist in the John Stringer Prize at the John Curtin Gallery.  In 2018 he was part of the HERE & NOW exhibition at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.  He was recently awarded a commission for the public artwork `IMACHINATION` at the School of Early Learning in North Perth.

Photo [right] by Robert Pupeter.

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Featured Work

Rainer-Adamson, Bjoern - Featured Work Success
  • Year: 2019
  • Materials: Aluminium, steel, bicycle
  • Size: 100 x 180 x 200 cm
  • Price: $8,500

    A driverless race bicycle turns in endless circles at Bathers Beach at various speeds, controlled by the wind. The beach becomes a heterotopic space; here is the world sustainable, but humans are redundant, even leisure and sport belongs to the machines.

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