Coghlan, Jake

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“I am interested in the different ways energy is embodied through natural and manmade forces and the engagement of these embodied forms in physical and social development. An example being the co-evolution of the hand in relation to the development of stone age tools and by extension, the effect of tool development on the social. By utilising modern industrial materials and processes to replicate natural forms, my work examines the dichotomy between humans and nature”.

Jake Coghlan gained his Bachelour of Fine Arts (Sculpture) in 2015 at RMIT, and in 2017 completed his Masters in Public Art and Space at RMIT University. In 2012, his Sculpture ‘Breath’ was aquired by the City of Victoria Park, Perth. In 2015 he exhibited work in Sculpture by the Vinyards in The Hunter Valley, where he was later invited to complete a residency at Wooloombi Wines. In 2017, He was awarded the Peoples Choice award at Scultpure By the Bay in Dunsborough for his work ‘School of Fish’.

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Featured Work

Coghlan, Jake - Featured Work Drift
  • Year: 2019
  • Materials: 316 Stainless steel
  • Size: 300 x 450 x 200 cm
  • Price: $14,500

    ‘Drift’, was inspired by watching my niece playing with a leaf floating in a puddle. Watching her reminded me of how our imaginations transform and inform our experiences. In ‘Drift’, a leaf has morphed into a form of a wave and washed up upon the beach.

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