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Fifteen years ago Liliana and her family moved from the Perth Hills to Hamilton Hill, one street back from Manning Lake, a beautiful natural wetland nestled beneath the coastal scarp. Liliana walks in the wetland almost every day opening her senses to what she may find there, often bringing bits of the landscape home with her to enjoy and use.

Over time Liliana settled on a concept that influenced her life and art: a fascination with the unseen manifested physical, an invisible wind moving a visible leaf, dreams colliding and manifesting through the natural world. ‘Nature cannot speak for itself, so others must find a way to do so,’ through her paintings and sculptures, these messages are hummed with revelled abandonment.

The sculpture works are created through knitting, knotting, layering and weaving natural materials: wire, stone, grasses, paper, silk and twine. The materials used represent invisible energies found in nature, and their reference points. These works depict a collision of that energy, memory and significant interaction (human and/or animal).

Through her work Liliana strives to inspire deeper thought, challenging our perceptions of the natural world and how we interact as humans within it, with it, and between each other.

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Featured Work

Stafford, Liliana - Featured Work Earth Ball
  • Year: 2020
  • Materials: Fiberglass, silk, grasses, stones, leaves, acrylic medium
  • Size: 95 cm dia
  • Price: $8,000

    Stafford works in silk, paper, wire, and natural grasses and seeds to create works that inspire a sense of wonder. She is passionate about the natural world and wants to increase awareness of the need to help our planet.

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