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Marian Giles’s works are ceramic sculptures that invite close looking and individual discovery. Since studying an Advanced Diploma in Visual Art at Central TAFE 2010-13 she has worked from a studio in Fremantle.

Marian’s art explores personal stories, inner worlds, and the effects of chance and experience on human nature – things she finds intriguingly expressed by the mutability and persistence of clay’s interactions with moulds.

She is currently interested in the history of the early colonisation of Western Australia which seems too easily forgotten, although so recent.

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Giles, Marian - Featured Work Time at Bathers
  • Year: 2020
  • Materials: Ceramic (stoneware and porcelain)
  • Size: 10 sculptures, Approx. 16 x 11 x 11 cm
  • Price: $200 ea

    1. 199 million years ago 2.Shells and Seaweed 1800 3. Shipwrecks and Settlement 1829 4. Whaling 1840 5. Harbour Storage 1950’s 6. Joan Campbell Studio 1970’s 7. Sculpture at Bathers 2015-17 8. South Mole and Simon Gilby work 2017 9. Signs 2019 10. Sea Level Rising 2050.
    The Bathers Beach area has had many uses; early colonial settlement, whaling, harbour storage, Joan Campbell’s studio, Sculpture at Bathers. This sequence of ceramic sculptures documents and imagines its history from 199 million years ago through the recent past, and into the future, as if projected onto the Kidogo building.

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