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Pascal was born in Quebec, the French speaking part of Canada. For more than 10 years, Perth, Western Australia has been home for him. Since graduating from Metropolitan TAFE in 2012, he has been selected in a number of exhibitions in Perth, including Hatched 2013, Melville Sculpture Walk 2013, and ‘Handle With Care’ 2015. Most recently, Pascal held a solo exhibition ‘Stigma’ at Heathcote Museum, and was a featured artist in Cow Parade 2016 in Perth.

Pascal’s practice is a window into his world, his experiences, beliefs and visions. His intention is to create works that have an impact on the viewer. Pascal’s wishes are for the viewer to get involved in developing thought processes in response to the work, but above all, he hopes to reach people by generating feelings and connection with his artworks and their subjects.

Important parts of his practice are about the craftsmanship, detailing and finishing of his work, to a degree that invites deeper analysis. Although timber is Pascal’s primary material, he always considers what he feels best reflects the essence of the concepts. The majority of materials used in the fabrication of his works are sourced from reclaimed items.

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Stigma by Pascal Proteau

Featured Work

Proteau, Pascal - Featured Work Ahoy
  • Year: 2017
  • Materials: Native timber, sea rope, steel
  • Size: 90 x 120 x 60cm
  • Price: Sold

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