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Moncrieff has been actively exhibiting since 1978 in gallery locations in Perth, regional WA and also on occasion in the Eastern States. He works across disciplines of painting, printmaking, drawing and assemblage. His work has been collected by many public and private collections in Western Australia.
He now lives at Kentdale on the south coast of WA with artist Jillian Green. He has designed and built their house, studio, workshop, orchard and vegetable garden, and continues to develop and evolve his art practice.

Since 2010, my practice has evolved into the concrete, the non-objective object; nonfigurative formalism. Using utilitarian workable plywood, timber supports, and pre mixed colours of acrylic paint I assemble many varieties of hard-edged compositions. All work is constructed according to a self-imposed system of size and shape and assembled to offer a suggestion of the seemingly infinite possibilities within this system. The colours are used to compliment the built geometric shapes. Hand-made, brush-painted simple geometry may be reminiscent of my preoccupation with visual games.”


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Moncrieff, Paul - Featured Work Paint Paddles
  • Year: 2019
  • Materials: Acrylic paint, plywood panels
  • Size: 150 x 300 x 10 cm
  • Price: $2,900

    Within my studio practice, I maintain an ordered system of premixed commercial acrylic paint, together with the made stirring sticks for each colour. These large scale paddles are a development from this studio business - presented as a visual intrigue from the humble utilitarian tools of the studio.

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