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“Born in mid-60‘s Fremantle, I was an enthusiastic drawer from early age. A solemn interest in art making developed through my 20’s eventuating in full-time study to achieve an Adv Dip Fine Art & BA Fine Art. With a practice spanning 27 years, my core disciplines are drawing, painting & sculpture. I focus heavily on sculpture to satisfy my need to make objects, translating ideas & intrigues into forms which then occupy our physical space.

Involvement in creating Public Art began at Central TAFE, with my first project being part of a Public Art unit. My experience in this area spans 15 years. Subsequent projects have involved working with property developers, schools, conservation parks, councils & corporate entities, public & private. Having had a life punctuated by short careers in the Australian Merchant Navy & Western Australian mining industry, the constants that have bound my existence thus far are travelling & visual art.”

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Knight, Peter - Featured Work Grace Under Pressure (Homage to Rush)
  • Year: 2017
  • Materials: Coreten steel, jarrah, enamel, acrylic paint
  • Size: 280 x 170 x 30cm
  • Price: $16,500

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