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Ryan Cant is born and bred in Western Australia and has been working in the metal industry for over 20 years. Following his dream and passion to express himself through sculpture, Ryan now translates his life experiences into imposing sculptures typically working with steel, scrap metal, timber and stone.

Inspired by his extensive travels, traditional subjects take on a new twist and although his work evokes his love of nature and the ocean, Ryan’s message is not explicit and leaves the interpretation entirely to the viewer.

Also working in oil on canvas, Ryan’s paintings reflect a Japanese Manga style and display a strong interest in the female form and bright, solid colour. Ryan’s distinctive approach and style across all mediums ensure truly unique pieces. His work appears in both private and commercial collections throughout Western Australia.

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Featured Work

Cant, Ryan - Featured Work Bounce
  • Year: 2016
  • Materials: Steel
  • Size: 350 x 250 x 400 cm
  • Price: $12,000

    ‘Bounce’ is inspired by nature, has a large heart and is large in stature, to reflect how iconic and well loved the kangaroo is.

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