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Sigrid Ranze experimented with a number of mediums including textiles and photography, before discovering the surprising possibilities of concrete, not just in its physical sense but also symbolically. The shapes are feminine and soft, yet the medium provides a masculine contradiction.

“My practice involves the interaction of shapes and forms through repetition, and the myriad of compositions that can come from these.”

Currently working in fashion and textiles, Sigrid has also travelled extensively throughout Australia, including giving silkscreen workshops in remote Aboriginal communities, and supporting art lessons for children with disabilities at DADAA.

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Featured Work

Ranze, Sigrid - Featured Work UCO’s (Unidentified Concrete Objects)
  • Year: 2017
  • Materials: Concrete
  • Size: 20-40 x 15-40 x 15-40cm
  • Price: $300 - $600 each

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