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Tony Jones is a distinguished West Australian sculptor working across a wide range of mediums and ideas from his studio/factory in O’Connor, an industrial suburb of Fremantle. His public artworks can be seen throughout the state, including ‘Eliza’ on the Swan River and the C.Y. O’Connor statue (created with his son Ben Jones) at Coogee.

Recently retired from teaching art after some 50 years, Tony continues to work on public commissions with his team of Ben Jones and Angela McHarrie. He also exhibits with Gunyulgup Gallery and Gallows Gallery.

He has always been a sailor and it is this connection with the wind, the water and the coast that continually informs his thinking and his artwork.

“My sculpture has been based on an expression of personal and public concerns, anxieties, hopes and aspirations, drawing on common symbols and myths as a way of making contemporary connections. It has been a search for forms and narratives, gestures and contexts, that transcend any one incident or time.”

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Featured Work

Jones, Tony - Featured Work Masts
  • Year: 2020
  • Materials: Steel
  • Size: 3 works 450 x 60 x 60 cm
  • Price: $5,000 each, $12,000 set of 3

    These works take masts as their starting point, yacht masts, radio towers and antenna. They have a simple kinetic function to connect them with the elements. Their height allows them to raise their heads above the surrounds and interact with the sky as background.

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