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Posted: February 1, 2017 at 9:29 PM

Emerging from its current seclusion, a hugely impressive artwork resembling
a mythical beast is making its way from Perth to Fremantle to launch
Sculpture at Bathers.

Titled The Shimmer, it is a truly remarkable creature – a chimera – part lion,
part snake and part goat. Its journey will end at Bathers Beach, where it will
take its place amongst over 80 sculptures by West Australian artists being
exhibited from 25 February to 12 March 2017.

Weighing in at over one tonne and standing nearly two metres tall and three
metres long, this massive cast bronze sculpture will appear in four surprise
locations across Perth from Monday 16 January.

Artist Susan Flavell created the The Shimmer in 2014 for the Bankwest Art
Prize. The original version of the work was made from cardboard and papier
mâchė. It went on to win the Bankwest People’s Choice Prize and was then
exhibited in the 2015 Sculpture at Bathers exhibition.

A private collector acquired the work in 2015 and the decision was taken to
cast the work in bronze. This wonderful sculpture is the result. It is a truly
outstanding example of the imagination and skill of the artist combined with
the expertise of a renowned casting factory, which has allowed every detail of
the original to be brought to life, including the corrugations in the cardboard.

In Greek mythology the chimera was a fire-breathing female monster with a
lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail, which ravaged the lands of the
Lycean coast with her fiery breath.

‘The chimera is an unreal creature of the imagination, implausible in its shape
and identity’, says artist Susan Flavell.

Sculpture at Bathers hopes everyone will enjoy and appreciate this truly
unique West Australian sculpture as it makes its journey to Bathers Beach,

Be intrigued by its existence, be captivated by its creation and follow in its
footsteps as we unleash the ‘beast’ of Bathers Beach!

Follow The Shimmer….

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