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“A sculpture show concentrating on works by local West Australian artists is tremendously important.I cannot speak highly enough of the success of Sculpture at Bathers in drawing attention to the work of the talented sculptors of WA. I encourage you all to support this wonderful endeavor.”

— Janet Holmes à Court, Exhibition Patron

Special Thanks

We wish to thank all our donors in 2017.  Kim Wilson and Annette Andrews for their incredibly generous donation of boutique wine.  Kerry Harmanis for his generosity and huge contribution in raising the profile of Sculpture at Bathers.  Members of our private giving circles – Bathers Beach House, Blue HQ Marinas, Cicerellos, Redwood Wealth Alliance, Garrod Keightley of Moeschi Hair Stylists, Meaghan White Architect, Debra Majteles of Artwise, Sally Ockenden, Jodie Manning, Tim Millsteed, Sherri and Adrian Staltari.  And our anonymous donors, who quietly support and in every way are just as appreciated, we thank you.